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We are passionate about helping Montreal homeowners avoid the stress of selling your house the traditional way and beautifying Quebec one house at a time.

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About Aulex

We are Aulex . We treat others with patience, respect, and human dignity. We walk the talk. We are always improving. We are positive thinkers, honest, and hopeful. We are passionate, innovative, and adaptable to whatever comes our way. We are committed to furthering our education and personal growth & development. When we hurt or offend others it is never intentional. Our success is woven with the threads of all of the individuals who work for with, for, and alongside us. In the bigger picture we are all connected. We strive to be leaders in our field and to serve others, whenever and wherever possible. No human—or business—is an island. We are incredibly capable as individuals. But we are our best, brightest, and strongest…together.

photo de Patrick Enair

INTRODUCTION : Hi my name is Patrick Enair and I am the owner of Aulex, I have specialized in the purchase of houses since 2010 in the Montreal area, I have several years of expertise with the purchase of dozens of properties.   I have always taken into consideration the needs of each client with their particular condition that must be adapted for their needs, I like what I do because I have been able to help people in difficult situations, and I am sure I can help you too If it turns out that you should not sell me your house, I know many other ways to help, including honest real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and other resources. There is never any pressure, I am here to help.

Lucie Gagnon

Lucie is my girlfriend and also responsible for accounting for several years for the company and acting as a project manager, she will be able to answer your questions whether as customers or suppliers.

François Maxime Ayotte

François Maxime is one of the members of our team who stands out with his computer knowledge, he is in charge of customer support, web design, the implementation of new information on our web pages, computer graphics and computer support for the company.

But That Is Not All..

How We Work With You

Oftentimes, homeowners we work with are experiencing some sort of distress when needing to sell their house. Our passion is helping people navigate these tough situations and offering help in any way. With our long-term history in the Montreal community, we have built strong connections with other people and professionals that provide helpful resources for every circumstance.  Not only can we buy your house for a fast and fair offer, but we provide you with recommendations and additional resources for a variety of issues you may be facing.

Discretion is very important to us. Everything we discuss will be completely private and we’ll never place any judgement on your circumstance. We have been helping people sell in any condition for over more than 10 years and we’ve seen it all. If the house has not been maintained, or you have too many possessions, we can handle it. When you meet with Us , We will listen to you and work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. Helping people is what we love to do!

So Whats Next?

If you haven’t done so already, head on over to our “How it Works” page to see our process for buying houses!

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